What is a Contingency Fee?

A contingency fee is a way that a lawyer gets paid for their services. It’s a fee that depends on the outcome of the case. The lawyer’s pay hinges on getting a good outcome in the case.

The San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys from Mova Law Group work on this type of pay structure as a convenience for our clients and potential clients.


What Is A Standard Contingency Fee?


Every state within the United States has their own laws which implement whether or not a personal injury lawyer can charge their client a contingency based fee. In California, the standard fee is anywhere from 30%-35% of the face value policy.

Just in case you have not been instructed on how this pay structure works, the defense you choose for your claim does not get paid until they successfully award your injury claim with a policy settlement.


Basics of Contingency Fees


Having a clear understanding of what types of law work on this certain structure before being paid out. The concept is quite simple, as lawyers in California, our firm charges you nothing to file a personal injury claim, schedule medical evaluations and health check-ups with injury specialists and chiropractors near you.

When a defendant has suffered injuries from an at-fault party, compensation can be paid to the injured party from any insurance company whose policy is involved in the claim. While these claims can typically take anywhere from 3 months to a year before settling out, the money paid out to the defendant, attorney and health specialists involved make it worth the while.

Policies We Cover On A Contingency Basis


San Diego Car Accident Attorneys
San Diego Dog Bite Attorneys
San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
San Diego Uber Accident Attorneys
San Diego Lyft Accident Attorneys




Lawyers and clients use contingency fees as a way to help clients afford legal services. When clients can’t pay for a lawyer by the hour or they don’t want to pay by the hour, a contingency fee is a good way to allow a deserving client to get a lawyer. The arrangement allows the client to get a lawyer working on the case without having to worry about where the money is going to come from.

In most cases, a contingency fee works by the client and the lawyer agreeing to allow the lawyer to take a small percentage of the client’s recovery as payment for their services. The lawyer also usually deducts things like fees to file a case or fees for an expert witness, so the client doesn’t have to pay for these things out of pocket. Contingency fees are often successful because of both the client and the lawyer benefit when the client gets the most recovery possible. If the client doesn’t win a recovery, the lawyer doesn’t charge a fee.

Contingency fees are also positive for clients because they don’t have to worry about how much the lawyer is going to cost. They don’t have to worry about the attorney charging them a fee every time they make a phone call. Instead, the lawyers and the clients can focus on optimizing their efforts for the client’s benefit.

If you have legal needs and you’re worried about how to get a great legal team on your side, contact the Mova Law Group. They know that when you need legal services, the last thing you want to worry about is paying for a lawyer. Call the Mova Law Group today to find out how a contingency fee might work for you.

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