How to Find the Right San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer for You

Finding a San Diego personal injury attorney is not a priority high on anyone’s list. That is, until they or a loved one are in an accident that’s not their fault. As an accident victim, you must file a personal injury claim to get the financial compensation you deserve. At Mova Law Group, we offer free case evaluations and are available 24/7 to take your call.

Securing a personal injury lawyer is more challenging than you’d think. Late-night TV ads promise fast cash if you hire their law firm, but are their promises legitimate? Your accident attorney should be someone with a proven track record and who comes recommended. Your lawyer should work hard to get you the payment you deserve instead of quick wins. On top of this, they should prioritize your concerns and be an attorney you can be open with. The attorney-client relationship is an important one with much to consider.

Mova Law Group in San Diego has experienced personal injury attorneys. No matter your type of personal injury lawsuit, we cover it in our practice areas. You don’t need to take our word for it, though – we offer a no-risk free consultation for anyone wanting to discuss their case. We put accident victims first; we prioritize getting you the settlement you need. 

When You Need a Personal Injury Attorney:

  • You Suffered Injuries in an Accident.
  • You Require Ongoing Therapeutic or Medical Care as a Result of These Injuries.
  • The Insurance Company Refuses to Give You Fair Compensation for Your Accident Losses.
  • You Have High Medical Bills.

What to Look For in an Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorneys with Years of Experience

You should not take legal advice from just anyone with a law degree. If they do not specialize in personal injury law, they might not be familiar with civil proceedings, the California statute of limitations, or calculating economic and non-economic damages. Mova Law Group has experience in all the following personal injury matters:

Having an attorney from San Diego County is essential too. Local law firms like Mova Law Group understand the issues affecting your area because we’re your neighbors.

When interviewing potential lawyers, ask them about their experience, success stories, and proven track record. See how familiar they are with personal injury cases and how well they know California law.

The Reputation of the Personal Injury Law Firm

Another thing to think about is the accident lawyer’s reputation. You need an attorney that will fight to get you the money you deserve, not one that settles quickly. This may mean taking your case to court, in which case you want experienced trial lawyers who will work hard to get the verdict in your favor. Ask others if you need to become more familiar with accident attorneys known for prioritizing their client in negotiations. Check out testimonials online and ask family members if they recommend a law firm.

Mova Law Group takes your case on a contingency fee basis. This means we stake our reputation on getting you financial compensation you are happy with. You don’t pay until we win. Sit down with us to discuss your potential claim at a free case evaluation, and we’ll make sure we’re on the same page.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer‘s Personality Matters

It’s wise to consider personality when searching for your legal representation. Wherever you go in life, the ability to get along with someone is vital. You likely will only work well together if you and your attorney get along. That’s why at the law offices of Mova Law Group, we offer a no-obligation, no-risk, complimentary case review – we want to start your personal injury case off on the right foot.

What if I Want to Change Lawyers Later?

As the client, it is within your legal rights to switch lawyers during a personal injury case. Even if your case is already underway, you can change lawyers if your San Diego personal injury lawyer is a qualified California attorney. You might want to for any number of reasons.

When you change lawyers, your legal team submits paperwork to let the court and all the other parties involved know you have new representation. This is often as easy as providing a substitution of attorney.

Secure your new one immediately if you want to change lawyers or law firms. If the court suspects that you’re changing lawyers for an improper purpose, they might not allow you any delay in the case. Your trial might go as scheduled even if your lawyer needs more time to get up to speed on the issue. You want to ensure you file everything in time for the statute of limitations. 

Do I Have to Tell My San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Everything?

Lawyers and clients have a significant relationship. Your attorney will be your advocate. The legal process can be intimidating for personal injury victims, but you should always be open with your attorney. You want to ensure your representation knows everything and there are no surprises for either of you. It would be best if you made them aware of the following:

1. Disclose your medical record to your lawyer, including any injuries before (or after) the car accident. Unrelated but serious injuries may impact your case if you fail to disclose vital information. This is also true for future injuries.

2. Tell your attorney about any legal mishaps upfront. Your attorney needs to know about any felonies or misdemeanors. If you have a criminal history, the insurance adjusters may bring up your convictions during the trial to blame you for your accident.

3. Your lawyer needs to know your financial history. If you filed for bankruptcy, the settlement could be part of your estate. Your San Diego personal injury attorney can speak with your bankruptcy attorney.

4. Your attorney needs to know your marital status. If you plan to file for divorce, your spouse might be entitled to a part of your settlement. Your attorney can help you receive your fair share of the settlement.

Litigation can be complicated, and it’s wise to have help. It would help to have a personal injury lawyer you can trust.

Contact Mova Law Group if you need help with a personal injury claim in San Diego, California. Meet us for a free case review, and we’ll show how our experienced personal injury attorneys are the best personal injury lawyers for you!

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